Winning The Mental Game

Can Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things ??

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I was just a school teacher at the mercy of the system when I turned to RONIN for help... I resigned shortly after the training, opened 'Chandlers Guest House', and became a self-made millionaire! RONIN empowered me to take control of my situation, and create the life I dreamed of !!
Geoff Chandler
New Entrepreneur

From Gordon Cooper – Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Friend,

Over the past 30 years, thousands of ordinary people like me and you have learned and applied a timeless Mental Game Framework that has helped them do something extraordinary!

This experience placed them firmly on the road to creating the life they always dreamed of !!

Today I am finally able to offer this Mental Game Training virtually, at a fraction of the usual price, so ANYBODY can gain instant access to its life-changing power !!

The False Idea That Success Is A Skill-Set Lies At The Root Of Human Failure ...

… life skills, communication, time-management, sales, leadership skills, etc, etc.

Real success has more to do with Mind-Set than most people realize! Think about it… If you’re like most, you’ve tried it all – new diets, costly equipment, memberships, books, courses, improvement programs, coaches, you name it – only to fall short of your goals over and over again!

Thats Because Giving A Sheep New Tricks Doesn’t Make It A Wolf !!

The wolf has a totally different emotional structure, or frame of the mind, and that is the new opportunity this training offers – not the slow, painful improving of old attitudes, but a proven way to totally replace them with a new more powerful mentality !! 

Today Just $7

It Doesn't Matter What Your Dream ...

Winning The Mental Game Can Work For You

“Three months after my introduction to RONIN, I literally quadrupled my income! The training helped me to master my mental game and achieve my goals! I am living proof it can be done !!”

Sean Bezuidenhout – Financial Advisor

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Over the course of a lifetime I have sifted through what seems to be a countless number of books and inspiring literature. In this PDF I will save you years and years of searching, and share with you the list of the ones I have found most impactful and life changing! 

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There Is NO CATCH !!

At this point you’re probably asking, what’s the catch? Why SO MUCH for LESS THAN THE COST OF A MOVIE TICKET?? Honestly, there is NO CATCH !! We are doing this in the hope that it will make such a profound impact on you and on your lifestyle, that you will (a) want to do MORE with us in the future, and (b) tell all your FRIENDS about us !!

Time Is Of The Essence…

This Is A LIMITED OFFER At This Price

This can go up in price at any time, especially if we decide to sell this as a full course (which is what we’ve had to do in the past with other trainings)

Because of what you’re getting, we’re expecting a flood of orders

Just imagine achieving ONE ‘unachievable’ goal from this video training !

  • What Impact Would That Success Have On Your Health / Wealth / Relationships?
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All It Takes Is ONE SUCCESS To Understand The Mental Game And Set You FREE !  

Here Is My “You’ve Gotta Be Crazy” Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you’ll love this product, or I’ll return your $7 and let you keep the mental game framework anyway! I’ll take all the risk on this. If you don’t feel that The Mental Game Framework is worth 10 times what you invested, drop me an email within 30 days of getting access to the training and I’ll refund your $7. No questions asked. Fair enough? But…

You Must Act Fast!

This Is Truly A Limited Offer. So Claim Your Access Now Before It Changes / Expires !

So, Let Me RECAP Todays Offer:

  1. Virtual Mental Game Training valued at $97 today for only $7 !!
  2. PLUS Weekly Email Guide – 1 year subscription – valued at $97
  3. PLUS Links / List Of Hard to Find, Life Changing Speeches on YouTube – valued at $57
  4. PLUS My Suggested Reading List Compiled In Over 30 Years – valued at $57

A TOTAL VALUE of $308 !! For Only $7 !!

So, with that said, I hope you enjoy the training. I hope you use it!

I want to place this framework in your hands because I know how this can forever transform the quality of your life.

Thanks again,

Gordon Cooper

PS Did you just skip to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was... 🙂

You get our ‘Winning The Mental Game’ Virtual Training (PDF download with video link), the SAME training we’ve used to help thousands of regular people from around the world to rise above their fears and do something extraordinary !! I have spent over 30 years perfecting this framework, and you can use it to achieve anything ! 

I also show you step by step how to Play and Win The Mental Game, so you can create the frame of mind needed to improve your health, create wealth, build lasting relationships, and essentially create the life you’ve always dreamed of !! And it’s only $7. Thats it. 

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