Why Firewalking ??

Most people struggle to rise above their fears and conquer their fate …

The Firewalk helps students to master their mental game so they can do something EXTRAORDINARY !!

In the right frame of mind, ordinary people can shape their own destiny …

What To Expect

PORTABLE: Catering to small and large groups, the Firewalk makes the perfect stand-alone event, or add-on to an existing function. Firewalking is portable, and can safely be presented at any venue 

PROGRAM: After setting up and lighting fires, the team is briefed for 30-60 min. This briefing can be tailored to the theme or needs of your group. The event the reaches a climax with the actual Firewalk! Pics and videos allowed

SAFE: 28yrs experience – world record holder – 5000 plus events – qualifier of 30 international instructors

What People Say

Backyard Firewalk Events


Profesional Firewalk Events


Firewalk Brief Video Link

Most people struggle to rise above their fears and conquer their fate, so we’ve created live Firewalking events to help you with your Mental Game! In the right frame of mind you can improve your health, create wealth, build lasting relationships, and more – you can do something EXTRAORDINARY !!

In this pre-recorded brief, the Founder of RONIN will train you on how to create the mental strength to actually walk on fire, and then apply that universal formula to the creating of the life you’ve always dreamed of !! 

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Firewalk Participation & Waiver